LIFA for Flood Victims

Nature has its own way to react to our actions. This time nature acted harsh and cruel on the Terai region of Nepal. Due to heavy and regular rainfall of three days, the districts like Jhapa, Sunsari, Chitwan, Rautahat etc. were flooded. More than 50 people died and thousands of people were homeless. In these demanding times the humanity towards the lives of Terai was really important and that’s why Team LIFA stood upon it.

The first technical step of Team LIFA towards helping people of Terai was to create awareness among the people for helping the residents of Terai, and we created a website

The website was not enough for the help that we could possibly do, therefore we started a campaign of 3 days in Nepal College Of Information Technology and 1 day in Pulchowk Campus, “LIFA for Flood Victims”. In this campaign we collected food, clothes, medicine and sanitary materials and stored them in a store house situated in Anamnagar, Kathmandu. Everyday we would stay at one place in the college premises from 7:00 AM to 1:30 PM and we would collect the donated things. The college van helped us to carry those things from the college to store house . And every night we’d sort things so they could be managed.

On the second day of the campaign we organized a small musical program in Patan Darbar Square to collect fund for flood victims and collected around Rs. 7,200 in one and half hour . When the 3 days campaign was over we had almost 2 lakh worth of necessary items that we could provide to victims.

On fourth day we sent one truck load of things to Siraha and Saptari through Dhurmus Suntali Foundation. We still had one more truck of goods left, so two of our members, Yashu Baral and Bishal Poudel decided to go Sarlahi where people are mostly affected and distributed the goods there by collaborating with local government, and today members of Team LIFA went to Sarlahi and distributed the relief goods to flood victims in Sarlahi.

We know we could not do much but we believe that all the smaller effort towards humanity is equally important as all the greater effort. We gave the best from our side and every one should do best from theirs.

Active Members in Nepal

Team LIFA is a group of individuals coming together across a single roof growing their talent, creativity and art independently yet collaborating with each other for professional development of teams as well as individuals. We believe that team does not form alone but with people who are as dedicated and has the urge to achieve something. And with great people who has the potential to bring the change and be the change a team can never be weak.

There are both the active and inactive members contributing the team. Those who get involve personally with their innovative mind and those who get involve but does not do it in person. Team appreciates and is thankful for all the members who are there for sharing their skills, mind and time.

Since we have talked of the members of the team here is the short description of the active members in the team. Starting from mr Sanjog Dhakal, he is a programmer and has a keen interest in database. He belongs to the beautiful city of Biratnagar and is currently in Lalitpur  to continue his study. He is currently is studying Software Engineering in Nepal College of Information Technology.

Moving further to our another active member mr Ashish Tiwari, who is a front end web developer and is great in his work. He is from Pokhara-Lekhnath, he currently stays in the city of temples Kathmandu. He is pursuing his study further at Nepal College of Information Technology studying bachelors in Software Engineering.


Mr Raju Mandal is a backend web developer in LARAVEL who is currently studying bachelors in electronics and communication engineering in IOE, Pulchowk Campus. He is originally from Biratnagar yet again he is our another active member away from home and is in Kathmandu for his further studies and both the personal and professional development.


Not only on technical field but also on the sector of art may team introduce Mr Mad On Baral who is an artist and our another team member. He is a great wall artist and inspires people through is paintings. Belonging to Pokhara he currently stays in Kathmandu and is continuing his study. He is studying Bachelor’s in Information Management in KIST College.

Following to Mr Pratik Pokhrel who does gamming is another member of team LIFA. He is a game developer, apart is a musician and plays guitar. Although he was born in Biratnagar, he left his city some years ago to study Computer Engineering in Himalayan College of Engineering. He is our active member who is determined to take the gaming in the next level.

From web developing to game designing, database handelling and painting, here is our another active member who understands animation and the beauty of photoshop.  Mr Suman Rimal is our team member who is talented and is a great person. He is a designer, an animator, he uses auto CAD maya and adobe photoshop. He originally is from Lamjung and is pursuing his study in Nepal College of Information Technology in bachelors in Software Engineering.

At last but not the least the only female team member in the group, Ms Smritee Neupane is another member in team LIFA who is a blogger. She is originally form Pokhara-Lekhnath and studies Software Engineering in Nepal College of Information Technology.

From back end to front end, from web designing to web developing, from photoshop and animation to real art and yet again to making of games team LIFA has included everything possible and everyone who dare to dream. Team represents all the active members and is glad to work with everyone. Team feels blessed to have everyone and is looking forward to achieve everything with all the collaboration of ideas and intellects. Team LIFA wishes its each member a beautiful and successful life ahead.



Thank You.


Team LIFA is a group of individuals coming together across a single roof growing their talent, creativity and art independently yet collaborating with each other for professional development of teams as well as individuals.

The team provides a platform to any talent and the art hidden in one and help to get along with it.  Team accepts and adores the every uniqueness a person contain in heart and in mind. The team believes growing together with a unity and its moto is to help people find themselves. Team provides a environment for everyone to work with whatever they have and help one other.

The team co-ordinates with its every member and embraces everyone. From technical to non-technical, team wraps every field possible and stratazise about bringing the evolution in the related field.

The team is not just a team rather it is a family, where every member is treated with respect and equality. The team is focused and determined in order to meet its goal, not one but each one the members behold.

The team helps every member to make them wonder outside of the box and the idea come into existence. The team creates the worldwide community of artists where every art is appreciated and none  is let gone wasted.

Team believes that there is a artist inside every soul and each one is the creator of their very own world. And the team aim to intersect the beauty of each world.

Team LIFA share ideas, dreams, hope and life. Team believes in unity and support and is always in the process to enhance the world and the people. And the only way to that is the collaboration of the people around the world who dream and possess the strength to never let go.